Take a Hike

When someone asks you to take a hike with them, what’s your immediate response?

  1. Go take a hike by yourself because I’m not leaving the couch

  2. Maybe, are we going somewhere interesting?

  3. Yes, how many miles are we going to climb?

Even though I’m active, I fall somewhere between A and B. When I’m outdoors I like to relax, take in the sunshine, and socialize. Maybe you could say I like to be one with the aina, the Hawaiian word for land. Hawaii has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, many which you can only discover through hiking. Whether it be for the views from Diamond Head or marveling at the colors in Waimea Canyon, most people try to take a hike when they are visiting the islands.


Earlier this year, Lori and I created a monthly guide to help you live life with more aloha. In honor of Earth Day this month, we thought it only appropriate that you go take a hike in your own backyard. Hikes can be even better when done with friends. So, this last weekend, we invited the local She Lives Aloha ohana to join us at a Bay Area hidden gem, Picchetti Winery.


Picchetti Winery sits next to Picchetti Ranch Preserve which has roughly 3.7 miles of accessible trails. If you have little ones, there’s an easy one-mile loop around a pond during the spring [dries up during the summer]. The MidPeninsula Open Space organization often leads docent tours, upcoming ones include Wildflowers [April 27] and Butterflies [May 12] and reservations are required. With the recent Bay Area rains, the fields are in full bloom and spots of color everywhere

Made with Aloha at Picchetti Winery.jpg

After burning off some of the youngsters’ energy, we enjoyed the best part of the Picchetti Winery, the communal picnic area. Here you see friends and family gathering for long afternoons of food, drink, and socializing. The lawn area is a gathering place for kids to make new friends. Picchetti doesn’t allow balls, but other toys can be brought in. Just try to avoid landing a frisbee on the roof, else you’ll have the whole picnic ground watching the spectacular recovery of the lost toy.

Picchetti is only 20 minutes away from most of Silicon Valley, but it takes you away and makes you feel like you are on vacation. The cell service isn’t great, so you are able to just focus on the friends and family you are with. So, we’d like to encourage you this month [and every month] to take a couple hours and be one with the aina. Breathe in the fresh air and feel like you are on vacation.