Hawaiian Word of the Week: Makana


Makana [mah-kah-nah], or gift in Hawaiian, is a word we first featured in our #MindfulMonday series last holiday season. We brought it back today because gift giving isn’t just seasonal. In fact, it may be more meaningful when a gift is delivered unexpectedly just because.

Know someone who could use a pick me up? Or know someone who vacationed in Hawaii over the summer and is losing their island vibe? While it isn’t realistic for you to fly them back for a dose of aloha, our Aloha in the Afternoon box is the next best thing ;)

Or simply give the gift of your time. Be present and listen. Drop a message of support. Join our #BeKind21 challenge.

Don’t forget to give yourself the gift of your time, too. Consider growing your own gifts like Lisanne Eng of Makana Arts.