Hawaiian Phrase of the Week: Ma ka hana ka ike

Ma ka hana ka ike-01.jpg

Ma ka hana ka ike [mah kah hah-nah kah ee-kay] is a Hawaiian proverb meaning to learn by doing.

We can read dozens of books and watch just as many instructional videos, but sometimes there’s just no substitute for first hand experience.

When I first launched my calligraphy and design business, Letter On!, I had no idea which designs would sell, so I sold a wide range of products. But, I soon found that my top sellers were the ones designed with my Hawaiian twist on them. That’s what makes my products unique and unlike things you can find in other stores. It wasn’t long before I cut out the rest to focus on my Hawaiian line - and, ultimately, She Lives Aloha.

So whether there’s a new skill you’re looking to pick up or a business idea you’ve been tinkering with, consider diving in. Start small, seek an apprenticeship, and ma ka hana ka ike. I hope the experience you gain proves invaluable.