Save on Your Next Trip to Hawaii with Off-Peak Deals

Keep the swimsuit and suitcase handy because ’tis the season for hot off-peak travel deals to Hawaii. Just two weeks ago, United ran a one-day flash sale for Mileage Plus members to book flights between the US and Canada and Hawaii for just 25,000 miles round trip. Co-Founder Vanessa Fiske also recently booked cheap Alaska Airlines flights to spend Veteran’s Day in Hawaii and shared the deal with everyone in our Facebook Group.

Have you seen any hot fares to Hawaii? If yes, do a sister a solid and share them in our Facebook Group. We’re always on the prowl and will share our finds there, too. Because a cheap deal (think $325 round trip) is hard to pass up. 

When you do land that fare, let us know with a post in the She Lives Facebook Group. The She Lives Aloha ohana will be more than happy to share their recommendations on places to stay and visit for any type of of vacay you have in mind (with family or solo, adventure or relaxation, etc.). 

Meanwhile, here are our picks on some of the best beaches to check out when you get there.


We love the soft sand and crystal clear waters of Waimanalo Beach on Oahu’s east side. Lay out a towel, bring a picnic and enjoy the view.


Nearby, the calm, clear waters of Makapu’u Baby Tide Pools provide an ideal spot for toddlers to explore. 


It’s always a tough choice on Kauai, but sunsets in Hanalei (pictured here) or Poipu beach can’t be beat.


By Baldwin Beach Park in Paia, Maui, there’s a little-known stretch of shore where you can spot green sea turtles. Park at Baldwin Beach Park, then head to your right along the beach to where the beach has eroded and what’s left is rock. Perch (carefully) along the rock and look out just beyond the rocks where the turtles like to feast. We saw two last month. Others have reported seeing as much as a dozen at one time. 

There are so many more beautiful beaches across the islands. Which faves did we miss? Share in the comments below!