What Is Self Care?


The first in a series of posts on the topic of self care.

What is self care, or in Hawaiian, malama? For some, it’s exercise or a spa day. For me, it’s allowing myself the time to explore my interests through new classes and conferences. With my income not being what it once was when I was working in the corporate world, such expenditures are often the first to be back burnered in favor of dance or swim lessons for the little one.

But those classes are a form a self care and should be prioritized as such. They’re an opportunity for self discovery, providing an outlet for creativity and more. They’re time and space just for you.

Some that I’ve done:

Granted, classes don’t come cheap. Some of them are priced to include the cost of supplies. I’m still working on giving myself the permission to spend on - or invest in - myself. But honestly, I’ve never regretted doing so. It’s always paid off in big ways - in a skill that can open up new forms of income, in friendships cultivated through the shared experience of the class, in self confidence boosted from picking up a new skill and honing it over time. I’m proof that your path in life is shaped by saying yes to new opportunities. Three years ago, Nicole’s workshop (plus the supplies that came with it) launched my calligraphy career. Which inspired She Lives Aloha one year later.

So take that class. You never know where it’ll lead you.

Have you attended a class that changed your life? Or simply one you’d recommend to our ohana? If so, do share in the comments below. Let’s encourage each other to try something new and invest in ourselves!