She Lives Aloha exists because Lori and I believe we have a mission to help make the world a better place, even through small changes in the way we interact with the world. On any given day, when you meet someone, you don’t know what happened in the background. Did they lose their job? Did they find out a loved one has cancer? Did someone not return their kind gesture? There is almost always a back story. 

When we heard about the 21 Day Be Kind Challenge, we thought it was a natural fit for this community. We’ve created the She Lives Aloha team in the Be Kind Challenge and we would love for you to join us from 9/1 - 9/21 in making aloha (kindness) a priority. 

Print on colored paper to make it standout.

Print on colored paper to make it standout.

We want to help you create positive change - in your own life and in your community - by prioritizing and practicing habits of self-care, compassion, and service to others.  To make it easy to start, we created this downloadable flyer which you can easily place in any local coffee shop, library, or wherever you think it will best reach your community.

Show us a picture of your posted flyer (#LivesAloha) and we’ll send you some aloha swag. Post on social media at least once with your acts of kindness, tagging @btwfoundation on Twitter or Instagram and using the hashtag #BeKind21, and you will be eligible to win two tickets to an upcoming Lady Gaga show,

For the next 21 days we will be offering suggestions for acts of aloha so you too can “Seas the Moment”.

Seas the moment.jpg