Who doesn’t need a bit of aloha in this busy world? Being on vacation all the time isn’t possible. This is why we have created this first edition box, Aloha in the Afternoon, which has been curated for you to take an hour or two and feel like you are back in paradise. When we select an item for our box, it is because we have used it, tasted it, heard it, smelled it, or enjoyed the sight of it. We know your closets and drawers are as full as ours. We don’t need more stuff, but we need more experiences. We invite you to enjoy the delights of our favorite Hawaiian artisans.

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Pause + Breathe

Spread Ola Tropical Apothecary’s Passion Fruit lotion on your hands and arms, then take a deep breath. Enjoy the instant mood boost. Ola founder, Robin Williams, encourages you to:

“Give yourself the gift of Ola and Nourish your skin with the essence of Hawaii! Breathe in the fragrances of the islands and transport your entire being: mind, body, heart and spirit! “

Listen + Vibe

Maybe you can’t get your favorite island station here on the mainland. Get the next best thing by transporting yourself to Hawaii with the sounds of Elias Kauhane. Download his album to your favorite listening device.

Kauhane CD cover.jpg

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Connect + Be Present

Take a moment to connect with someone in your ohana. Call up a friend and invite her over to catch up or “talk story".

Savor + Remember

Before she arrives, pour your Big Island Delights Furikake Party Mix into this lovely bowl from Island Woods. As you snack on this island specialty, remember your last trip to Hawaii and the wonderful tastes you experienced. Enjoy this perfect summer snack. #onolicious

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Sip + Chill

Craving the tropical flavors of Hawaii? We got you covered with a fun island-inspired drink recipe. One sip and you’ll feel like you’re back on your favorite beach.

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Aloha On The Go

Then, take a little aloha with you on the go with this keychain, handcrafted by Lori Shen for this limited edition box. Gift it or keep it as a reminder to live aloha every day.